• Faculty of Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences
  • Master Degree in ART (MA- Hindi/English)

    A master’s degree is an advanced academic degree granted to individuals who effectively complete a rigorous course of study in a particular industry or field. Most master’s degree programs take about two full years to complete and build upon the knowledge gained in a related bachelor’s degree program.

    Successful graduates of Master in Arts Studies programs are equipped to take on a variety of roles across a broad assortment of art-related areas, and are often hired over, and are able to command more money, than their peers without advanced art studies degrees.

    The cost of obtaining an MA in Arts Studies varies based on a number of factors, among them the length of the program, the geographic region through which it is taken and the overall prestige of the program and school offering it.


    • Political Scientist
    • Economist
    • Industrial -Organizational Psychologist
    • Sociologist
    • Geographer
    • Urban & Regional Planner
    • Anthropologist &Archaeologist
    • Historian
    • Survey Researcher
    • Public Services


    2 Years