• Faculty of Nursing

    At the Faculty of Nursing, we are dedicated to education and research in the field of science. With two departments offering Bachelor of Science in Nursing and General Nursing and Midwifery programs, we provide students with advanced knowledge in their specialty fields through hands-on research. Our graduates excel as staff nurses in India and abroad, faculty members in universities and colleges, and researchers across various fields. Join us at the Faculty of Nursing and become a part of our community committed to shaping the future of healthcare through education and research.

    Programmes Offered

    B.Sc. Nursing

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    Nursing stands as the cornerstone of the medical profession, globally recognized for its nobility and immense demand, offering a highly rewarding career. Nurses provide essential physical and psychological care to the sick and vulnerable, addressing evolving healthcare needs.

    In this dynamic landscape, nurse educators play a crucial role in preparing aspiring nurses to meet complex patient demands and technological advancements. Nursing education requires a deep understanding of healthcare science and the development of practical skills.

    Patel College of Nursing in Bhopal excels in faculty expertise, infrastructure, and clinical facilities. Our dedicated faculty ensures a well-rounded curriculum and co-curricular activities

     for students, supported by a multi-specialty hospital for skill development. With strong management support, we are poised to excel further, contributing significantly to nursing education and healthcare.We believe our philosophy and vision will lead us to the pinnacle, enhancing both nursing education and healthcare provision.



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