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    Ph. D Course Work guidelines

    • As per UGC Regulations 2016: Minimum Standards and procedure for Award of Ph.D. Degree, after admission in Ph.D. a research scholar shall be required to undertake course work for a minimum period of one semester. All candidates admitted to the Ph.D Programme shall be required to complete the course work prescribed by the Department during the initial one or two semesters. The women candidates may be allowed a relaxation of two terms/semesters in case of maternity.
    • However, if the student is not in a position to complete the course work in the prescribed time limit as above, due to genuine reasons, may file an appeal and on the recommendation of the RAC, the VC (Vice Chancellor) may grant extension up to additional one semester. Failing to complete the course work in the extended period may lead to cancellation of admission.
    • Candidates already holding M.Phil Degree and admitted to the Ph.D. programme, or those who have already completed the course work in M.Phil and have been permitted to proceed to the Ph.D. in integrated course, may be exempted by the Department from the Ph.D. course work. All other candidates admitted to the Ph.D. programme shall be required to complete the Ph.D. course work prescribed by the Department.
    • 75% attendance for coursework classes in required.
    • Teaching work per credit is 12 hour/week. (This may include lectures, seminars, and tutorials).

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    Ph.D Course Work guidelines

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