• Sports and Cultural Clubs

    Sports and Fitness

    Sports and fitness activities are an integral component of MPU. Under the supervision of qualified coaches and instructors, the students indulge in practice sessions in order to fulfil their aspirations of wearing university colours/jerseys. MPU has a well-equipped gym where a trainer is always available for students. Including a gymnasium we also have a sports complex which provides unmatched and state-of-the-art facilities in Cricket, Basketball, Football, Badminton (Indoor), Volleyball, Table Tennis, Pool/Snooker, Chess, Carrom and Swimming. Special Sessions of Yoga, Dance and Aerobics are also organised for students and staff members. Special emphasis is laid on improving not only the health component and lifestyle but also to instil the qualities of team cohesion and sportsman-spirit. Register for this club

    MPU Film & Photography Club- Chhabi

     The MPU Photography and videography club has a vision and drive to promote participation and enjoyment of photography, videography and public relations work in a good humoured, relaxed and supportive environment. MPU welcomes students of all ages and aptitude, with the society’s current members including photographers, videographers and other media person from across a vast spectrum of ability, from amateurs to professionals. With an aim to help one another, learn more about photography and videography the members meet and discuss the art with like-minded individuals, developing practical skills and techniques, learning about composition and other technical aspects of the skill through practical sessions and critique sessions. The society believes in taking advantage of its opportunities as they arise and making a lesson out of them. Register for this club

    Debate and Public Speaking Club

    The university has dedicated debating team which participates in national and international competitions. The university band rekindles the music within the university with its soulful performances both on and off campus. Several noted independent artists have been nurtured while they were at the university studying their degree programs. The university holds several intra and inters university competitions related with debate and public speaking annually so that the students of the university mix culturally and grow to their maximum potential. This club is one of the most famous clubs on campus and this is due to creative ideas of society’s hard working members. Register for this club

    MPUTheatre club- Muzahira

     Movies & theatre are a powerful tool to help ignite conversation, raise awareness, and drive social change. This is exactly what led to creation of the society. This group provides a unique space in MPU for constructive dialogue on social, cultural and political issues that plague our society at large at various levels (regional, national and international) through the screening of documentaries and holding constructive discussions with experts from the field. Performing and producing NukkadNaataks is a regular activity of the club.Register for this club

    MPU Music club

    The Music society which was an open society earlier, is no longer an open society. Entry into the society is decided by means of auditions. These auditions are headed, conducted and judged by faculty. The MPU Music club currently has a sound proofed music room for practice purposes. The Society also has a number of amplifiers, a keyboard and a drum-kit available in the Music Room for the students to use. Madhyanchal Radio is also run by music club’s students, all podcast created and broadcast by student itself.Register for this club

    MPU Dance club

     The objective of the club is to elevate and advance the art of dancing in all its educational aspects and to encourage uniform methods of instructions. The club was established with the mission of bringing out the hidden talents of students and also provides them a stage where they can showcase their dancing talent and interest.The Core members claim to be one of the most informal and laid back society on campus which appreciates every form of dance art and creativity in MPU. Register for this club

    Academic Club

    A peer-group of student study format within the MPU Campus.Lectures for preparation guidance and topics that students find difficult. Regular practice tests for students will be conducted.The Quiz Club of MPU has been quite active and efficient in igniting young minds to consistently raise the bar in Quizzing. The club also held group discussions about the books that had been read. In this manner, each student not only read several different books, but also learnt to appreciate different genres of art of writing, reading and listening. Register for this club

    NCC & NSS Club

     Our University gives equal emphasis to make our society as well as or country better so highly focused our student for all other extra activities to Develop Character, Comradeship, Discipline, Leadership, Secular Outlook, Spirit of Adventure, and Ideals of Selfless Service amongst the Youth of the Country through .The club strives to bring improvements in the field of social welfare. This club mainly serves the villages. The club organizes various activities for the poor uneducated people. NCC & NSS programme is organised by the students themselves, and both students and teachers through their combined participation in community service, get a sense of involvement in the tasks of nation building.