• College of IT
  • M.Sc. (IT/CS)

    The MSc (IT) programme integrates the latest developments in technical and business knowledge and skills for designing, developing, deploying and managing IT systems. One can specialize in a technical and in-demand area such as Oracle database development, Web development, applications development with Java and modern networking. The M.Sc. (Computer Science) course is designed to equip one with the knowledge and skills to develop innovative solutions which the modern computing industry requires. Working with academic staff from our research centres, you will develop applications and solutions in innovative and ground breaking areas such as computer vision and surveillance, robotics, artificial intelligence and mobile devices.


    • IT Consultant
    • Cloud Architect
    • Computer forensic investigator
    • Health IT specialist
    • Mobile Application Developer
    • Web Developer
    • Software Engineer
    • IT vendor development Manager

    Courses Offered



    2 Years