Vice Chancellor's Message

I would like to start my message with a quote

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”.
Nelson Mandela

The word "Vidhyarthi" in Sanskrit is composed of two words namely "Vidya and Arthi"."Vidhya" means knowledge and "Arthi" means money. This tells us that to earn money you should acquire knowledge. By acquiring knowledge and applying it will generate money. I believe that rigors of the contemporary world require professionals not to end their quest for knowledge along with their stay in the campus. The dynamics of the fastchanging world urges the academicians to give the right impetus for making life-long learners out of students.
It is my privilege to send out this message to all the prospective and current students and their families. I wish the students a very bright future.

Dr. Sridhar Murthy C.N.
Vice - Chancellor, MPU