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  • Faculty of Agriculture Science and Technology: Best College of Agriculture in Bhopal MP

    1. About

    The Faculty of Agriculture Sciences and Technology (FAST) at Madhyanchal Professional University, nestled in rural Bhopal, offers hands-on agricultural education adhering to national standards. Established in 2018-19, FAST fosters critical thinking and experiential learning with a syllabus recommended by ICAR. Our faculty comprises experienced teachers from reputed Agricultural Universities nationwide. Equipped with modern facilities, including digital classrooms and well-equipped laboratories, we provide practical training in various agricultural practices. Our goal is to develop a science-led knowledge pool to drive sustainable food security and innovation. Join us at FAST for comprehensive agricultural education and to cultivate skills for a rewarding career in the agricultural sector.

    2. Programmes Offered
    2.1  Bachelor of Science (Hons.) Agriculture

    2.2  Master of Science in Agriculture

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