Why to get Educated

Real meaning of Education


When we say education is , what comes to our mind is doing our 12th, then an undergraduate degree and if possible a PG too. But this image of education which we have in our mind is completely wrong. This image, which is the very basic, is so not right. Before anything else, we need to change this image. So what's the right one? Well education in my opinion is learning how to live a better life. Not by making Money, by becoming wiser, by learning new things everyday which help us make better decisions and thus lead a good life. Education will teach you what is good what is bad, what is necessary what is redundant, what is wise what is foolish, what knowledge of healthy what knowledge is not.  So first we have to educate ourselves in what education is. Because when you do so, your education will won't be restricted to just science and maths books, it will become an integral part of your daily life